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DeBoles Logo & Packaging Update


DeBoles was expanding from the health food store market into the mass market and needed a bolder shelf presence that still held the core equities and values of it's customer base. Adding depth and form and detailing to their existing logo gave

it the stronger presence it needed

as the focal point in their new packaging line. 

Designed for Zack Design

AlForno was entering the US bread category and needed a logo that could compete with any national brand. Capitalizing on their unique use of authentic wood burning ovens, fine ingredients and historic foundations, this logo was selected. Take a look at the design exploratory.



Designed for 8020

AlForno Gourmet Foods Brand









Endust Logo




Endust needed an overall brand update to match their new positioning of "Clean & Go"

for busy lives". No nonsense,

fast cleaning with just one swipe

was personified in this bold,

active logo.



Designed for Hanson Design

Our Family

Private Label Brand









Our Family needed a fresh look

for their private label brand mark. Their primary directives - a personal approach to quality and freshness. Take a look at the design exploratory.



Designed for Vertis International









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