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Nakhla Tobacco

To enter the world of the rich, lush flavor of Nakhla Molasses Tobacco, these opening slide images were created with custom illustrations using a combination of stock photography and hand drawn imagery. The results created the delicious and exotic site entry

Nakhla was looking for.

Designed for Infinibrand

Zuno Media

Home page, global site mapping

and  design for this early entry whole-house HUB technology.

Designed for Infinibrand

Walden University EMBA Landing Page

Walden University needed a landing page their EMBA students could customize to suit their unique and busy lifestyles.

Designed for 8020


Z.Integrity needed a website that reflected the unique benefits of their brand - gentle, effective all natural hair care products without the typically harsh additives. Pairing the product packaging equities with a soft and natural color palette the result is an informative, efficacious and inviting site.

Designed for Infinibrand

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