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Ice Breakers
Pina Colada Flavor


The Hershey Company wanted to expand the Ice Breakers portfolio of flavors to include Pina Colada. The challenge, in a very large array of flavors, was to create a quick way for consumers to find the new offering while capturing the heart of the flavor. The use of the large cocktail glass complete with tiny umbrella and pineapple wedge was the perfect solution.

Created for Designology

Sprouts Farmers Market Packaging Redesign

Sprouts wanted to revamp their

store brand product line. They selected this very flexible, playful contemporary-retro look with plenty of wholesome appetite appeal, down home authentic flavor and just the right touch of the Sprouts personality.

Take a scroll through some of the fun.

Designed for 8020

100 Calorie Bagels

New low calorie offering from

Lenders required it's own character that summed up it's point of difference. Slim down while you

enjoy one of your favorite foods.

In stores now.

Designed for Zack Group

Jersey Tomato
Pasta Sauce Line

Design Exploratory

A&P's Artisan Line of premium products was introducing a regional brand of tomato sauces called Jersey Tomato Sauce. This premium, handcrafted look was the winner. Received GDUSA & PLMA awards.

Take a look at the design exploratory.

Designed for 8020

DeBoles Branding & Packaging Revamp

DeBoles was expanding distribution from health food stores into the

mass market arena but needed a stronger shelf presence with a clearly organized system for their many product offerings. All without loosing their equity or authenticity.

By adding depth and impact to their existing logo, making it the focal point in a dynamic, organized architecture built around their equities, gave them just the impact at shelf they needed. The results are a resounding success.

In stores now.

Designed for Zack Group

Worcestershire Sauce

French's was looking to enter a

more sophisticated consumer segment and needed to create a

more refined presence on shelf for their Worcestershire Sauce. Using deep tones, refined and understated typography with subtle textural elements a strongly compelling package was created.

Designed for LAM Design

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