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Acacia Commercial
Services Capabilities Brochure

Acacia wanted a fresh new look presenting their dynamic range of premium cleaning & construction service offerings that highlighted

their commitment to integrity and

the quality of service the company stands behind.

Designed for Acacia

IFAF Brochure

An informal introductory flier

created as a leave behind at

functions and promotions for the

International Fine Art Fund.

Designed for IFAF

Export "A"

Sales Flyer

Updated flyer for the Export "A" Brand Cigarettes. Tool for sales teams reaching retail distributors and shops.

Designed for Infinibrand

Fujifilm Services and Solutions Program

With 13 distinctly different and

unique data services Fujifilm needed an economical and customizable tool for their sales force to spearhead and focus sales.


This custom trifold brochure with interior pocket and separate inserts for each of their services was an unqualified success.

Bright Starts & Bright Inspirations Rebrand

Press Kit

Press Kit was created for retail distributors to explain the rebranding of the existing KidsII line of infant products into two unique and distinctly different sister brands.


Kit included ads, flyers introducing each new brand, a booklet with an

in-depth explaination of each brand's concept and unique offerings, a CD with marketing materials and a containing binder.

Designed and Directed for Goodwin Design

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