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Fine Art Fund

This emerging organization needed

a logo that would reflect the contemporary artists of excellence that they will support and represent.

Take a look at the design exploratory.

Designed for IFAF

Culp Construction

Culp Construction needed to upgrade their image to reflect their multi-faceted offerings; from plumbing to roofing and everything in between. The overall look needed to be adaptable and stand the test of time as they developed and grew. They loved the results.

Designed for

Culp Construction

Hudson Haven Realty

Designed for the exclusive realty corporation dedicated to the historic and premier housing located along the upper Hudson River.

Designed for Hudson Haven Realty

Ekklesia Fashions

Carmelita Couture was introducing a new clothing line created to feature the creative work of artists of faith.

Using three splashes of overlapping primary color reflected the trinity as an expression of the creative process.

Designed for Carmelita Couture

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